Bob Barringer

Bob Barringer avatar 1434597242 80x80 Bob Barringer is a member of the Blissfield Rotary and the director of the Schultz-Holmes Memorial Library in Blissfield.

In July 2014, Bob published a book on Blissfield (Images of America: Blissfield, Arcadia Publishing). Bob earned a PhD in English and American Literature from the University of Denver, an MA in English from the University of North Texas and a BA in English from Hunter College of the City University of New York. Bob also teaches writing and literature at Jackson College in Jackson, MI. He wrote dissertation on modern and post-modern academic satire of the 1960s. Bob has published short stories, a couple of articles, and a couple of book reviews, all of which have had a couple of readers over a couple of decades. The book on Blissfield did better. Bob actually made a couple of bucks. Bob is married and has a son. He is originally from Texas and a fan of the Dallas Cowboys. Bob enjoys spending time on the lake in a pontoon named Uncle Wick, after the great uncle who left Bob just enough money to buy a used pontoon boat. Bob believes the last really useful advice was "Keep your powder dry," because it was good, specific advice that might save your life. After that, the world became too complex for any human to comprehend it well enough to make any advice all that useful.